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Meanwhile 2 to get cash injection

We are proud to announce that Westminster Council asked us to attend a consultation session last week alongside key locals, the UKSA, TSEOU and a few skate park builder types. The result is that Meanwhile 2 will be given £90,000 towards a refit and that the Crossfire Gap Jam actually was very much noticed by councillors and played its part.

Before you sit there and complain that the legendary gap and bowls shouldn’t be torn down, don’t worry they will probably stay intact. More information will be posted on here soon as the design of the project and the appointment of a good company to build it is in place.

If you attended this jam, give yourself a teddy bear and a cigar as you should be proud. Big thanks to LovenSkate, Sidewalk, UKSA, Globe Shoes, Almost Skateboards and all the UK skate companies (who turned up to represent) for taking the innitiative to get involved.

You can see a full feature of the event in this months issue of Sidewalk Magazine, pick one up today.