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Mattias Nylen Wins Malmo Bowlriders

The competition was fierce and the ‘crete was fresh- The Quiksilver Bowlriders rolled up on Malmö, Sweden and unleashed a beast of a comp!

Malmö boasts the deepest bowl in Europe, but that didn’t scare British hopeful, Alex Hallford from Nottingham, who was hucking huge frontside airs in the deep end during his second runs. However, it was down to the local talent to reap the rewards of serious bowl schralpage! Mattias Nylen got first with his frontside blunts and stalefishs in the deep end, ahead of Swedish skate legend Nicky Guerrero who kept it cool with board control. Third place went to French madman, Seb Daurel who went warp speed around the concrete transition- so fast in fact that Christian Hosoi, who was an honary guest at the event, looked shocked!

Next stop Bologna for the Bowlriders final where Matthias can compete against the previous winners of each leg. Crossfire says watch out for Simon from Belgium and Andy Scott from England – undeniable talent on the road to victory…