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Lucian Hendricks Brixton Beach docu

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Brixton Beach has been under much speculation again of late from the poachers wanting the land to build flats on. Last week, the newly organised Friends of Stockwell Skatepark (FoSS) made up of the park’s local Skaters and BMX riders, succeeded in having the historic 1970’s skatepark listed as an Asset of Community Value by Lambeth Council.

“This is the first step in the ongoing push by FoSS to keep the skatepark safe and in good condition for current riders and future generations of Stockwell Skatepark users. It’s important that anyone who uses the park now, in the past or who plans to in the future lends their support to the on-going campaign to keep one of the best skateparks in the world here, rideable and safe for years and decades to come” says Matt Gold who is part of the user group.

You can join the campaign by signing up here and keep up to date with everything beach based on FB.

This recent docu follows a day in the life of 80s vert ripper Lucian Hendricks and his two sons who skate Stockwell and HOV weekly looking at Stockwell from their view.