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Long Live The Franchise

As they say, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. However, this statement means nothing to those over at Neversoft who, on time as always, have introduced the concept of the ninth game in the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series.

With huge competition this year emerging from EA’s SKATE, will this game finally be the realistic skate simulation they keep promising us? And even if it isn’t will it still fly of the shelves? Of course it would.

Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground‘ has another unique selling point to add to its collection this year. It will focus on filming and editing your own skate video in various skate metropolises over America. Philly, DC and Baltimore to name but a few. This year’s instalment also allows for bowl carving (about time!) as well as being able to alter your skate spot to uncover more line possibilities. Nail the trick also returns with the addition of ‘Nail the Grab’ and ‘Nail the Manual’. Great.

President of Neversoft, Joel Jewett claims that the game will “drop players into the skateboarding world like never before. This is the largest, deepest and most compelling Tony Hawk game ever. You can skate the best lines, define your own style and produce your own videos. You can even take it further by tricking out your own Skate Lounge, where you can hang out and skate with others online. Proving Ground will throw you so deep into the lifestyle of skateboarding that you won’t be able to get out. Hands down, it’s the most exciting Tony Hawk title yet.”

So what’s next? Scene Tony Hawk’s Videos emerging on Youtube? Maybe not, but Neversoft seem to be getting ever closer in their aim to prevent a child from ever leaving the house again.