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LLSB respond to Iain Borden interview

Ph: Maksim Kalanep

Following the recent Fakie Hill Bomb interview with Professor Iain Borden, LLSB have posted a reaction to his words this afternoon.

The response discusses the ‘propaganda’ and ‘hypocrisy’ of Borden’s involvement in the proposed move to Hungerford Bridge in a line by line reply to his words from the interview he gave last week.

The bottom line is, regardless of new words, the spot stayed. The hard work that went into saving it was commendable, so let’s just enjoy it, skate it, share it and keep it going strong. People are entitled to their opinions (as LLSB rightly stated in their reply) but we are posting this to call for some peace on the matter, not stir up more shit. We as skateboarders all need to work together, not have a war on the internet about it. Hopefully now these words have run from both parties we can all get back to having a shred and leave it at that.

In related SB news a new interview with Ben Jobe was conducted at last weekend’s Reunion which saw skaters from many crews coming together to enjoy a session down there.