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Leeds bowl unveiled

Just in time for winter, a sweet bowl has been built in Leeds, at The Works skatepark to be more precise (where else..?).

It was built by handymen Snoz and Lee Rozzee mainly with help from Vince Orr, Dave Stobart and Dougie McLaughlin. The authentic pool coping was sourced from Howard at Cranbourne Stone in Hampshire and is white portland aggregate concrete on flexi adhesive and grout.

The overall measurements look approx like this:

Length 35ft
Deep end 8ft
Shallow end 7ft
Dia. deep end 18ft
Dia. Shallow end 14ft

It’s a Kidney bowl with ramp effect from deep to shallow end with a bulge in one side and a 10ft radius on the external curve.

Guys like this know how to treat the beast. Cheers to Mike at Heathen and Simon at The Works for the info.