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Koston leaves Es Shoes

*DISCLAIMER: This conversation was allegedly held between two fictional industry types on Crossfire crosswires…*

– “Hey! Have you heard?? Koston quit Es!”

– “Of course I have! The 40 + forums geeks on the company payroll have been keeping tabs on this hot potato for several months now!”

– “He rode for them for over 10 years… I wonder what happened?”

– “Well, we’re about to leak a love triangle gone wrong on the net tonight, seeing how homophia always rocks the boat…”

– “I don’t think so! I prefer the money pitch- How about Green Flash getting bumped by Pony with a $2 million contract?”

– ” Make it $3 million!”

– “No- $5 million and a season ticket for the Lakers!”

– “Sweet. Kids love the money nowadays…”

Sorry, we lost it. In any case, Eric Koston is a free agent and probably the best skater in the world – a combination that sets the stakes pretty high. Good luck dude, 10 years spent giving all for a fantastic shoe company and vice versa has got to be applauded, new kids on the block take note….

Read Eric’s Crossfire interview from last summer’s Urban Games here.