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King of the Ramp breaks bones

The dust has finally settled and Europe’s gnarliest skate comp comes to a close. Of course there were winners, but there were also injuries. Benni Buchwald broke his shoulder but didn’t stop tearing the ramp to shreds with a ruthless frontside 360 over the spine!

This year’s winner was Jeurgen Horrwarth from Berlin, but hot on his tail were the two RomansHackl and Astleitner. No good ramp sesh goes down without some sort of wreckless free for all and one man is always there for the call- Belgium’s David ‘Roest’ Martelleur literally smacked it with a huge fingerflip to tail and a backside tailslide revert on the extension, whilst Stefan Atzl was hungry for the Taco and served out a frontside smith revert.

Finally, despite the dehydration, bruises and possible fractures, dudes got into party mode with Roest, Ferit Bartir, Oliver Gordon and Andi Fugger making good fools of themselves!

1) Jürgen Horwarth (Ger)
2) Roman Hackl (Aut)
3) Roman Astleitner (Aut)
4) Oliver Gordon (Aut)
5) Ralf Edlinger (Aut)
6) Sascha Biehaule (Aut)
7) Stefan Atzl (Aut)
8) David Martelleur (Bel)
9) Manuel Knoflach (Aut)
10) Martin Jurásek (Cz)
11) Kamil Poč (Cz)
12) Ferit Batir (Aut)
13) Andreas Fugger (Aut)
14) Benjamin Buchwald (Aut)
15) Adrian Buchwald (Aut)

Best Tricks: David Martelleur (Fingerflip to Tail / Extension) and Stefan Atzl (Smith Grind Revert / “Taco”)

Worst slam: Benni Buchwald

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