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King of the Ramp 08 footage

The King of the Ramp 2008 comp held in Tyrol, Austria now has a full video for you to view.

Those in attendance included Dave Martelleur, Ferit Batir, Anders Tellen, Emilio Arnanz and our very own Andy Scott, who all ripped the ramp up.

You can peek more photos of the event at and watch footage here.

Final results:

1. Anders Tellen (Germany)
2. Martin Jurasek (Czech)
3. Andy Scott (England)
4. Guillaume Mocquin (France)
5. Harri Puupponen (Finland)
6. Emilio Arnanz (Spain)
7. Ferit Batir (Austria)
8. Roman Astleitner (Austria)
9. Alex Giraud (France)
10. David Martelleur (Belgium)