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King of the Craic incoming!

Inspired by Thrashers ‘King of the Road’ and Newcastles ‘King of the How Man‘, Boggin Zine have devised their very own version which should keep everybody happy!

Here is the rough format.

1. The date shall be the first dry weekend in November.

2. Teams should be made up of no more than 7 people, anymore and points will be deducted.

3.If a team needs a filmer one can be designated from a team with more than one cameraman. 4. King of the craic will be points based for a fairer result.

5. Teams are to be entered by the Thursday prior to the weekend.

6. Teams will be given specfic challenges on the Friday by email or can be collected at concept and holla skateshops, this , is when King of the Craic will begin!

More details will follow, but challenges will be so that you can do a lot of them ANYWHERE IN THE COUNTRY!

Some teams may have to travel to complete some challenges,(eg. skate a full pipe) but there will be enough challenges that can be done in your home town/village that you could accumulate as much points as a team with a car/money to travel. (eg. do a triple kickflip, film a line with all skaters in team etc.)

For any more info and a full list of the guidelines visit or email Kellz.