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Kennington bowl to be demolished?

Breaking news – this is a photo of a sketch of Kennington bowl. Read the captions carefully, then make sure you skate this place as hard as you possibly can.

If the money grabbing gits of Lambeth council want to destroy this piece of history and replace it with trees, then don’t let it happen easily.

Jamie Harrison from South London said to Zac on the subject “Kennington being removed, my arse thats my fucking manor, they will have move me and my whole gypsy family chained to the fucking barriers, to get at it, I have called in a whole bunch of tree hating punks from Northampton (they love concrete there) to secure the site, two had offered to move into the cracks leading up the trannies, and the other 12 want something more refined so i gave them your home address! They were so stoked when I told them they would have to stay somewhere with a fox in it…..”“.