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Jim Phillips Spreads His Ink

Before the tricks, before the pros and before the endless media, the first thing to impress a kid in a skateshop is the graphics. No single graphic did it for us more than the ‘Screaming Hand’ by fabled artist Jim Phillips.

Skate artists aren’t spared when it comes to trends, so Jim’s talents were brushed off as a new wave of illustrations (or lack of during the awful blank board period) spread across the shelves and Hip-Hop cool bumped the wild times of blood, guts and gore. Oh well…

However, after a good few years, Jim Phillips is back and so are his hair-raising graphics at Pockpistol Skateboards. Pocket Pistol caters for the more roots variety of skater and with Jim’s graphics on-board, you know the goods are good!

Check the website at :