Skateboarding News

It isn’t the winning that matters…?

Every so often a press release will appear from of the major distributors of the skate industry. These distributors are like huge family trees because they support at least 4 or 5 different companies. Dwindle is one of those distribution companies and this is what they had to say: Ryan Sheckler, Ronnie Creager, Kyle Berard and Gailea Momolu have all one various contests recently. Gailea killed it on the rails, Ronnie with the manuals, Kyle on the mini ramps and Ryan on street (subsequently pocketing $75000 and a new car!). So, there you have it: Dwindle’s associates are running things on the contest circuit this fall! Oh, and Blind are looking to release a Special edition double DVD box set with ‘Video Days’, Tim and Henry’s Pack of Lies’ and ‘What If?’. Now that is a definite stocking filler!

‘Fly fishing’ by J.R. Hartley…

A lot of us had some of our best skating moments on that first board, didn’t we? Oh, the bulkiness and thick plies that coloured our shins like war medals; the inexistent nose that meant no nollie, switch, or nose manual tricks; those graphics… Ah! Well Powell smelt the bacon of yesteryear and have re-issued several old models that have the older generation spending their pension money. If you are after the Mike Vallely Elephant, Ray Bones Rodriguez, Ollie Tank, Mike McGill Fighter or Caballero Propeller Skull, get your fingers clicking over to

“Let the Games begin!” cried Caesar…

The run up to the Globe World Cup has begun. Yep! The World Cup only just happened it seemed, but before the actual comp bonanza, there is the Wildcard Series. Like a sweaty version of Pop Idol, skaters from all over the world battle it out for a golden ticket to Oz to participate in the World Cup. Cologne has just seen their opportunity and German skater, Kilian Heuberger from Munich grabbed it along with 3500 euros! Kilian was trailed by Yama’s Chris Pfaffner and Cliché’s Philipp Schuster. Of course, the now mandatory Best trick comp went down too, and it was Yannick Scall from Berlin that used his German precision to land a switch 180 frontside 5-0 revert on the picnic table.