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Baker 3

Another day, another DVD… Well not exactly because the latest Baker video, Baker 3 is not your regular video. Anyone who is familiar with the reckless skater-run company knows that these guys don’t care what people think of their image or how they advertise their goods. Wait! Wait! Hold your horses… Baker did stem the whole ‘Piss Drunx‘ fashion phenomenon, and some might say that image is all that counts over at Baker, but that was then and this is now.

Straight away when watching Baker 3 you’ll notice how much cleaner the editing has become.

No more dreary dub music, endless slow motion multi-angle shots or gratuitous bad behaviour. There isn’t even any poached footage of the Muska or Chad Fernandez??? “Is this really a Baker video?” , you ask. Yes. There is some wrestling with security guards, drunken stumbling and bum-fight footage, oh and Greco does get a triple angle shot of his ender, but apart from that Baker 3 is much sharper and easier to watch that it’s two predecessors.

I think the general concensus for the team is that you must know how to do frontside flips, switch pop shove-its, big spins and have at least one tech-ish two-trick line in your part. Of course, Reynolds out-does himself again on the frontside flip stakes, but that isn’t all he’s got hidden up his sleeve. He also allows a very interesting editing technique for his part. Some will love it, others will plain hate…

Dustin Dollin flings himself full throttle at some very gnarly spots. I think Dustin is definitely going to get short-listed for a SOTY some time soon.

Jim Greco proves that there is life after a smack habit and stays true to form with some intense skating and sketchy style that so many have tried to fake.

Jeff Lenoce– Long time no see! Good honest part that puts any doubts about the Floridians whereabouts to rest. Jeff has still got good pop and a mean nollie.

Say hello to Antwuan Dixon, an effortless styled upstart that is already putting abruising on So-Cal spots regardless of whether people know his name. Remember it: Antwuan Dixon.

Erik Ellington finally puts the madness to rest and lands his big spin down the huge Carlsbad gap. ‘Nuff said.

Last part goes to Bryan Herman, and before you all snigger in disgust, let it be known that Bryan is solid on his board. I think this kid has a very bright future and the fact he gets last part is a summons to recognize how quick he has come up and what his potential is.

The only let downs for me were the last three:

Brandon Szafranski– well gnarly but a bit too much flair for me.

Terry Kenedy– Can someone please send this guy to the back of the queue with gaffer tape over his mouth..?

Kevin Long– Spanky is looking pretty burnt out for such a young age. A lot of talent that does show when several of his tricks are direct bites out of Rowley’s book.

Music wise this video has it all, from acid drenched prog rock to crack dealer rap passing by post apocalyptic metal. Oh, and Ali Boulala has a short but sweet bonus part after the credits with OG slo mo footy and dub plate beats!

I think the little cover note from the Boss, Andrew Reynolds says it all:

“Right when skateboarding starts to get socially accepted, we come in and ruin everything. With videos like this around, we’re never gonna get in the Olympics… You can thank us later. Baker Skateboards, the real thing.”

Ralph Lloyd-Davis