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How to recycle skateboards

What do you do when you snap a deck? Maybe you learnt something new on it and wanted to hold on to it as a reminder, subsequently becoming one of ‘those guys’ whose room is covered in colourful, broken, really quite redundant wood.

Or, maybe you’re more creative and choose to create something with all this free material. Well, if you fall into the latter category, have a look at Haroshi’s work for some inspiration because what he manages to create from wood that couldn’t quite handle a twelve stair is nothing short of jaw-dropping.

Haroshi has been down for skating since day one, and instead of letting his creative juices dry up on doing pretty stale lipslide variations, he recycles all of his decks and any that he finds into very, very rad constructs. Check out his latest pieces on this page and head over to his website for more goodness.