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Home recording

There was once a time when all a skater needed to pack on his travels was roll-ups and an old candle. Today the mandatory piece of equipment expected at the spot is a video camera.

Even if the quality varies, this digital tool is part of the backbone of keeping a scene alive. Here are a couple of examples of a video camera put to good use:

The Essex boys from the Jar skate team have been putting the finishing touches to their debut video, Third Time Lucky. Featuring Josh Rutledge, Tom Hale, Martin Leather, Jake Menzies, Ala and Bobby, Callum Hailey and Taylor MSJ.

The Irish Monkey Bird Killa Squad have found themselves a dry spot for the winter. Booze, boards and blaze – Happy Days!

Expect more from Ryan O’Neile and Liam Rea, the men behind the lens, with their forthcoming feature What’s The Point? Featuring Craig Yule , Wdc vs BoarderCo. tour , Steve Crawford, Pope’ , Bernard Rea, Conhuir Lynn and Dan Costacalde.