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Help a park in Telegraph Hill get built

The plans for a park in Telegraph Hill, SE14 (map here) are well on the way to becoming a physical, skateable reality with funding secured by local skaters. The park is planned to be built in a prime location, and easily accessible for central London skaters via Victoria, St Pancras or London Bridge.  You can see the plans below.

Sadly, some local residents have recently raised awareness of potential anti-social behaviour and noise issues and have made their concerns known to the council, which could result in everyone’s hard work going to waste and the plans being scrapped.

A vote has been arranged on Tuesday 21st September (next week) at 7pm to decide whether the project will go ahead. So if you’re local to the area please turn up and help the project go ahead. The meeting is to be held at Askes’ School, Jerningham Road, just round the corner from New Cross station near where the park is to be built.