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Gnargore – Bare merk!

In case you missed the audio-visual delicacy that had the entire skate industry pushing back release deadlines in a vain attempt to top the ridiculously high standard that was Gnargore the DVD, pin back those eyelids and take the phone off the hook because the Gnargore Experience is about to double up in a brand new DVD entitled Bare Merk!

This feature presentation will introduce, or re-introduce, us to the extraordinary talents of Tom Gillespie, Wig Smith, James Brewer, Dan Jordan, Tom Yaxley, Reuben Binns, Tom Hinton, Arran Burrows, Ross McAbe, Neil Roberts, Dave Bailey, Lloyd Johnson, Joel Taylor and friends.

The release of this banger is set for early 2007, with a premiere at Idela skateshop, Birmingham. For more info click here.