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Girls Skate Jam Results

The 9th Annual Girls Skate Jam went down at Pioneer Skatepark this weekend. The event saw girls from all over the globe head to St Albans and get some serious shralping done. Here the results alongside a couple of photos from the event courtesy of Sophie Allen.

Mini-Ramp Comp

1st – Hilary Pearce (Australia)
2nd – Danielle Mellor (UK)
3rd – Georgina Matthews (NZ)

Under 18s Comp

1st – Laura Johnson (UK)
2nd – Charlotte Brennon (UK)
3rd – Caitlyn Robinson (UK)

Over 18s Comp

1st – Georgina Matthews (NZ)
2nd – Emma Richardson (UK)
3rd – Danielle Gallacher (UK)

Sponsored Comp

1st – Lucy Adams (UK)
2nd – Evelien Bouilliart (Belgium)
3rd – Caroline Dynybil (Czech Rep)

Footage is yet to come but why not have a look at last years official edit from Rogue Skateboards while you wait?