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Geoff Rowley offers $5k reward after burglary

Flip’s Geoff Rowley has a made a plea from the Hawaiian island of Oahu today after being ransacked by a thief in the middle of the night who made off with his laptop, camera, wallet, passport, and a number of extremely personal items. He is offering a reward for his stuff back and has posted this on his social networks:

“If there are any surfers or skaters in the area that can help locate any of this stuff I would greatly appreciate the help. It’s the personal photographs of my family from this vacation that are most saddening. I’m offering a $5k reward for the return of the laptop and any other items.”

There’s no worse feeling that realising someone has been in your personal space, thoughts going out to Geoff and his family right now. Let’s hope that someone sees sense in this situation and gives it all back.