Skateboarding News

Fresh concrete is laid at SB

This week will see more additional obstacles being installed at the Southbank. On Sunday night/Monday morning, Badger and Zac went down to the Southbank with a car full of self levelling concrete, water and gravel to kick start the build of a brand new manual pad where the cobbled stones have always been.

They will also install a rail that will be attached so you will be able to ollie onto a double rail into the drop over the other side. This should be finshed for Saturday, please do not skate it until it’s finished.

As well as the best UK street skaters from all over the country, various riders from the Emerica European Team such as Julian Dykmans, Jo Lorenz, Pontus Alv, Maxime Genin, Oli Buergin, Adam Stoddart, Vaughan Baker, Woody, Joe Gavin, Rory Milanes plus a couple of Element European teams will be in attendance. More when we get it.