Skateboarding News

Riders announced for the Massacre!

The first bunch of confirmed riders for the mini ramp jam at this year’s Halloween Massacre are:Dan Wileman
Daryl Dominguez
Marc Churchill
Greg Nowik
Rob Smith
Dave Snaddon
Stevie Thompson
Laurie Sherman
Aaron Sweeney
Kevin McKeon
Neil Smith
Ivan Rodriguez
Carl Wilson
Dave Chesson
Vaughn Baker
Jak Tonge
Barney Page
Nicky Howells
Dan Cates
Nick Zorlac
Mark ‘Rad Man’ Radden
Rob Smith
Ewan Bower
Helena Long
Sophie Allen
Sam Bruce
Dan McDermott
Ben Grove
Daryl Nobbs
Becky Jaques
NIck Jensen

More will be announced as they come in but for now, if you would like a FREE MP3 of a Ghostbusters vs Nine Inch Nails mash up put together by our guests STEREO:TYPE, click here and download it. If you have not got your tickets in advance, get them now people.

You can opt in at ticketweb to pick your tickets up via code on the door, so don’t worry about the postal strike.