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Filmers aim Far ‘n’ High…

How often do you come across a contest edit that’s filmed and edited like a full-stream-ahead HD opus that you’d expect from the latest Greg Hunt, French Fred or Ty Evans offering? Perhaps more often than you’d expect now, if the future is in high-definition and not entirely in slo-mo then things are looking real good.

S├ębastian Abes got together with Neko Studio to piece together this incredible edit of the European ‘Far ‘n’ High‘ contest hosted in a town just outside Paris. For some extra fun, try and see if you can spot six triangles, two naked (almost naked! it’s safe for work!) girls and two sausages. Contest filmers take note.

Far’n’High skateboard contest 2010 from S├ębastien Abes @ Smog Films on Vimeo.