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Feel the Fury


Getting sponsored and turning pro is basically a pretty way of endorsing someone’s products. The only difference between the pro and amateur status is that as a pro you sign your name on the product and receive royalties for each item sold. So, everyone knows that a skater who has his name on a board, shoe, wheel etc is raking in a bit of cash, right?

Well, the newest craze in skateboarding is to get your name printed in pretty letters in a metal alloy hanger that you are about to scratch to hell. Yup, the pro truck is de rigueur now and everyone wants a piece of the action.

Fury Trucks don’t escape the rule and have released three pro model trucks from three of skateboarding’s greatest talents- Tony Hawk (White), Tom Penny (Purple)and Arto Saari (Blue). Joining this trio is Diego Buchierri freshly picked from truck sponsor limbo.

Go to the brand new website for more info.