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Familia Tahiti Pehrson artist series board

Familia release their new series of boards this month under the the impressive art direction of Tahiti Pehrson. We got sent through this 8 inch beauty a few weeks back and I’ve been putting it through its paces it ever since. This board is a true classic 8, a consistant width throughout its length, melow concave and a decent sized nose and tail for those of us with a man sized hoof.

With a proven track record of artist collaborated board series, Familia recogonise the importance of a more mature theme over a cartoon styled direction. The same can be said of the riders, with a heavy emphasis on style and expression through a team consisting of Adrian Day, Gavin Morgan, Clint van der Schyf, Mark Donaldson, Loucas Polydorou, Steph Morgan and they have recently recruited London’s finest, Mr Shaun Witherup

Click here for a behind the scenes interview with Tahiti.

Emilio Gomez