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Stoke Plaza Palooza

Enjoying the late September sun, are we? Well, you could have enjoyed it a whole lot more if you made it to the Stoke Plaza Palooza skate jam last weekend (Sept. 10th) sponsored by Etnies.

With all the rails, hips, dips and drops on hand, the shreddage was manadatory and everyone busted out something worthy of a mention. Here are the results:

Full results:


1st: Craig Smedley, Nottingham, fakie bigspin manual
2nd: Jethro Coldwell, Stoke, nollie flip nose manual

1st: Craig Smedley, noseslide bigspin shuvit
2nd: Ryan Evans, Exeter, Backside Bluntslide

Shared 1st: Aaron Sweeney, London, backside indie tailslap
Daryl Nobbs, Ceventry, Madonna straight into hip

1st: Woody, Manchester, Bluntslide to fakie
2nd: Craig Smedley, frontside flip
AM: Barney Page, Exeter, nollie heel flip

1st: Ben Grove, Manchester, flip frontside boardslide
2nd: Barney Page, backside smith grind

1st: John Fisher, fakie flip
Shared 2nd: Joe Lynskey, Morley, frontside flip
Craig Smedley, 360 flip
AM: Ross the Boss, Birmingham, shuvit heel

1st: Tom Knox, London, Half cab to feeble shuvit
2nd: Anthony Demascio, Harrow, Kickflip to feeble

A Special mention goes out to Tom Knox for traveling 12 hours return from London, and little 8 year old Theo from Macclesfield who literally broke things off in numerous attempts to leap the big stairs.

Watch dad-cam footy here (skaters in order of appearance – Smedley, Orlando, Pants, Ben Grove, Gnargore Fran, Rogie, Porno Paul, Tom Knox, Fran, Jason Cane* c.f. pic. Switch Ollie Ph. Tim Sadler*, Craig Smedley, Ben Grove, John Fisher, Joe Lynskey.)

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Photo by Tim Sadler