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éS shoes makes a comeback

All of the new éS range can be found here.

When the production of éS shoes slowed down to a halt back in 2001 it sent a shiver down the spine of many skateboarders who 100% back skater owned companies. The changing times forced Soletech to put the brand on ice and concentrate on Emerica and Etnies but it looks like there could be light at the tunnel for one of the most prestigious footwear brands in skateboarding.

It was welcome news this week to see that éS have relaunched this year, even if for now, only in Japan. The classic Accel shoe will be available out there following a presence at the Interstyle tradeshow which we guess could be a test to see if the skateboard scene has a desire to wish it back on their feet. We can only hope that this becomes a reality and also that the current generation of new skateboarders realise just how important it is to back skater owned companies. Watch this space.