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DVS Don’t Stop

The DVS team are one busy lot when it comes to touring. After the 4 week Skate More world tour, the boys are back in town with their European Vacation, without forgetting the Search for Chupacabra Bro Brigade Tour that just went down South of the border in Mexico City, Leon, Guadalajara and other south American hotspots. Apparently this last tour was strictly skateboarding and left team manager Gabe feeling slightly confused as to where he was- Belgium or Buenos Aires..?

A whole lot of sick footage is getting clocked up for a future 30 minute feature show on Fuel Tv. Plus, the nice guys that they are, DVS have dedicated an entire series to their homies the photographers, because without them the myth would be nothing but words. The Photographer Series showcases work by Gabe Morford, Atiba Jefferson, Ben Colen, Giovanni Reda and Mike O’Meally. Next time you spot Giovanni, ask him to speak French – “Bonjour Guillaummmeee!”