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DuFFS News Update

duffsDuFFS news now, with Adam Howe just returning from a Split Europen tour, Carl ‘Potter’ Wilson joining the Nueu eyewear team and donning some shades, and the ‘Will he? Won’t he?’ deal of Josh Parr joining Black Label.

By the time you read this, I guess we’ll find out. Swede ripper Mattias Nylen killed it in Malmo at the Bowlriders snapping up 6th place! Nice one. Rees the Piece is missing in action, presumed dead, or at least pissed up somewhere. Meanwhile, Cattle is eating grapes and recouping after his knee surgery and could be skating again very soon.

For DuFFS blogging action check out the or geek it up and find them on Myspace for photos and video trickery. Also, go check out Crossfire’s coverage of the DuFFS Concrete Carnage 3 at Romford here.