Drapers Field Spot Check with Parlour

The new Drapers Field spot in Leyton, London was investigated by the Parlour crew this weekend. We have no idea how this cannot be a skate park but it’s supposed to be a cycling proficiency course/open playing space that was outlined for construction prior to the 2012 Olympic games.

We spoke to Bryce this afternoon who said that the spot had: “Waved concrete woop-de-woops, Banked ledges with angle iron, Circular bonks and perfect asphalt, Sounds like a skatepark right? Wrong! these features and more are hiding at Leyton street spot. Part of the 2012 Olympic redevelopment Drapers Field – Dubbed London’s very own “Urban Beach” according to mycouncillor.org.uk the development was initially proposed to cater for the ‘apparently’ increased popularity in “London Beach Sports” but looks like the sidewalk surfers got there first.”

Have a butchers at what’s on offer down there with Josh Cox, Hovis, Klavs, Bryce and Bell in tow for the sesh. You can find it at E15 2AZ.