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Document’s Big Push completed

This years Big Push organised by Document Skate Magazine went down last weekend in fine style with team riders from Blueprint, Death, A Third Foot and East Skateboards taking part in the carnage.

The Blueprint team had Andrew Brophy on board as a guest who apparently was at the top of his game and Death Skateboards surprise guest this year was none other than a famous pro skater you will know well who was drafted in by Zorlac for the trip. Who could it be?

A Third Foot had a napalm injected maniac onboard their bus as a special guest which was reportedly like a night club on wheels all day every day! Allegedly one of their riders also managed to get kicked off the tour!

You will find out all the details we cannot give away just yet at Document Skate Magazine when they release the footage in a future issue.

If you want footage of the Blueprint Team in 2005’s Big Push, then click here.