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Deathbox 20th Anniversary show

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Britain’s most important and influential skateboard companies, a huge art show featuring the legacy of Deathbox will open in Rotterdam, Holland, on Friday July 27th at the VIP International Art Galleries.

Featuring original deck art, magazine articles, tons and tons of controversial ads, photos by Davey van Laere and the incredibly sought after Deathbox video: Spirit of the Blitz, this exhibition will show just how important this company was in the progression of British skateboarding.

Just the names of the people attending should be enough to make you realise this, as so far the confirmed ‘celebs’ turning up include Sean Goff, Mark VDE, Pete Dossett, Alex Moul, Jocke Olsson, Rocker, Andy Scott, Davy Van Laere, Brian Vavier, Ian Deacon, Justin Ashby, Nico van der Wel, Jeremy Fox, Geoff Rowley, Tom Penny, Arto Saari, Mark Appleyard, Rodrigo TX, and more.

This reunion will be happening during the World Championship Skateboarding comp in Rotterdam, so yet another reason to take the weekend off –