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Death Skateboards release new team deck and news


We spoke to Zorlac last night for an update of what’s going on in at Death HQ. The team are currently preparing the Ordinary Madness video as you read this so expect an announcement soon on when it will be screening. As the footage gets cut, the rest of the team are busy out there on a daily basis. Richie Jackson just won the Helliez Award under the category ‘Biggest Treat of 2011’ with that amazing firecracker kickflip out down a set of stairs that was highlighted on our homepage for a month last year.

Dan Cates just got a photo skating a UK backyard pool in the new Thrasher mag whilst at home, a new 8.0″ Team Issue deck has been released into your local skater owned shop so keep an eye out for the hazard sign when visiting. Death am Dean Palmer enjoyed his stay here in the UK and trips to Spain and America on his recent vacation and is now on his way back to Australia. Before he left he found time to film amongst other things this ‘How To 360 Flip’ at the XC park in Hemel Hempstead. Watch it here.