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Dartford Skatepark goes live…

Could it be the fastest delivery of a concrete park we have seen in the UK from scratch yet?

The locals at Dartford certainly seem to think so when they saw their brand new concrete creation opened by UK heads this weekend in Kent.

Marc Churchill may be recovering from a car accident but before he was forced to get his feet up, he and his team over at Gravity made sure that Dartford now have a decent skatepark that will certainly be on the travel list once the weather picks up again.

The weather played its part in trying to disrupt the opening ceremy and by the time the officials had finished their long winded speeches, the session kicked off with Heroin Skateboards’ Chris Ault being first to transfer the hips and Greg Nowik (pictured) showing his flying credentials. as usual.

Well done to Dave and all the locals down there for showing other communities that if you take time out to get the right people involved from day one, you will end up with a park that will be skated for years. If only London skateparks could follow suit and erect somewhere new to skate so quickly from plans, everything seems to take an age here.

Rumours that Cantellowes will be open for April much the same as the new London Bridge covered park are still floating about alongside the fact that Bay 66 will get a new streetcourse. This is of course the most ABD subject on offer in West London right now but the good news is that the design has been locked down thanks to swift work from various heads and the UKSA and that discussions are now taking place about the build which is expected to be completed before May.

Photo by Gorm