Damien Hirst vs Supreme decks on sale for £1200

40 skateboard decks designed by artist Damien Hirst are about to go on sale in his store at his Other Criteria store in London this week. A further 200 decks will go on sale on July 12th between 6pm-8pm.

Produced in collaboration with Supreme in 2009, each custom printed skateboard deck has a signature stamp and features an iconic Hirst design print.

The hand-decorated decks will be priced at £1,200 inc vat, the larger batch of 200 will be £480 inc vat.

If you are viewing this from France, the collection will also be on show at the exhibition Public Domaine – Skateboard Culture – at La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris from early July until August 7th 2011.

Other Criteria is based at 14 Hinde Street, London, W1U 3BG.

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