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Daewon Song leaves DVS for sports brand

daewonIt has become a trend for sports brands to flex their financial muscles around their full length video release launches lately so it was inevitable the Adidas press machine would be rivalling Nike’s addition of Guy Mariano and Nyjah Huston with the announcement of purchasing more of skateboarding’s prized assets, and it doesn’t come much bigger than Daewon Song.

Daewon was announced as a new addition to the Adidas skate shoe team last night following the premiere of their new video. He confirmed this on his instagram just now stating that “after 19 years I needed a change. That whole company (referring to DVS) is not the same people anymore.”

Rumours that Marc Johnson has also joined him have circulated on social media overnight, although he is still listed on the team page on the Lakai website this morning and is one record stating that tennis shoes are not for him. Word is that he is in the new video though, confirmed to us earlier this morning by Robert Brink on Twitter. Watch this space.