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Crossfire Xmas Jam round-up

Xmas Jam was off the hook and by far the best one yet! People turned up from all 4 corners of the country to shred Bay Sixty 6 like a duck pancake.

With the Osiris team signing body parts for the kids, and Rattray stepping up to get his wallride on, it was the pilgrims who ventured to London that killed the day. Aaron Sweeney took the piss with nollie cab melons on the vertwall, and Carl “Potter” Wilson throwing down nosebluntstalls on the inside of the wall. Heroin’s Chris Ault hacked it about like a loon and getting higher than anyone, whilst Brady kept it tech with noseblunts on the various ledges.

The jam seemed to go off on both the miniramp and handrail this year with the rail seeing flip 5-0’s, nollie backlips from Blueprint’s Neil Smith, and Daryl Dominguez hammering down frontblunts.

The miniramp comp ended the day with Greg Nowick and Pete King doing their tech trickyness with ease, Potter and Sweeney killing it again with stale grabs higher than anyone, and Churchell getting shifty all over the coping.

The afterparty got a tad messy, as those there will know, expect a full Night Raids feature as soon as the fuzzy heads and blurry eyes return to normal. All in all, a fucking amazing day, a massive thanks to Osiris, Venture, Creme, Blueprint, Heroin, Landscape, The Harmony, Karma, Death, Creature, Casual, Plan B, DGK, and Spitfire, see you all again soon for skatedebauchery!

Click below to watch some footage on the Mpora extreme sports website to whet your appetite as our full video edit will take a few days to get together.