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Crossfire Shoe Deal!

Breaking news!

In an amazing step ahead of the competition, Crossfire has joined the ranks of collaboration and cross branding to announce the release of the CITC shoe range.

This unique collection of footwear aims straight at the highend of fashion and function by blending classic style and in-depth knowledge of a skaters needs.

The Sniper (pictured in reconnaisance black) boasts a stream line contour for faster flick and eliminates the worry of chewed laces by introducing a reinforced velcro strap.

The Money (pictured in desert beige) comes in a polished plastic-leather upper whilst the sole uses Nasa technology to adhere to all surfaces no matter how slippery.

The Betty (pictured in urban verte) is dedicated to the patience of the groupies who watch skaters day in and day out. An elevated heel with hidden lipstick holder adds at least 3 years to jailbait, and the sleek velcro straps allow for easy manoeuverability.

The Crossfire team is totally stoked on their orthopedic kicks and expect to set a next standard in skateboard apparel.