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Crossfire and Etnies Egghunt!

Yep, it’s Easter sucker, so we have decided to help ressurect your feet this year by stealing a pair of the brand new Ryan Sheckler Etnies shoe to give away.

If you are hardened Crossfire visitor you will know that every year we hide an egg on our site and you have to track it down to win a prize.

Yes, the egg in question is situated somewhere in this mammoth site.

We also know it’s a labyrinth in here as we built the bloody thing, but you know what, if you search for the golden eggy boy here and enter the comp, you will be sporting these shoes at your local spot within a week, so be damn quick!

So, when you find the egg, email the link to the page to us at and we will pick one persons email from the pile and send you your lovely new shoes in the post. Please note that this competition has no rules other than find the egg, copy the link of the webpage you found it on and send us an email.

Make sure you send us a personal message as it could affect who we pick to win…..