Coping Mechanism – Malmö skate scene documentary


Irish film maker Phil Evans has made a new documentary featuring Malmö’s ever growing skateboard scene and the concrete poured out there called Coping Mechanism.

Talking about the video project backed by Malmö City Council Evans says that the film: “showcases the unique and amazing situation that the skate scene has pioneered for itself, and despite the scene growing in its accessibility it has managed to retain its integrity without becoming diluted or lame. I believe other skate scenes around the world could learn a lot from this.”

The film includes footage of Hallén, Will Taylor, John Dahlquist, Dave Toms, Daniel Grönwall, Daniel Hakansson, Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg, Fernando Bramsmark, Gustav Eden, Jacke Ovgren and many more. Watch this new trailer and look out for the full length soon. Visit Format Perspective for more info.

Coping Mechanism Trailer from Philip Evans on Vimeo.