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Check Out This Hot Stuff!

Okay kids, we know you love the footy, so here are a few new trailers that preview some of hot DVDs about to drop: – Here is the brand new trailer for the latest Toy Machine visual feed disc, suffer the joy featuring Diego Bucchieri, Matt Bennett, Ed Templeton, Johnny Layton, Austin Stevens and Billy Marks. Watch out for Concrete Poets to drop next Spring. It’s a lovely new video project coming straight outta London and featuring the exploits of Shaun Currie, Kyle Edwards, Scott Howes, Greg Conroy, Jin Shimizu and Fares Hassen. Henry Edward-Wood is behind the camera and honestly this scene video is looking crisper than the average. Finally, a little something from Canada. Floorwork will feature the talents of Montreal skaters G. Daraiche, PY Gauthier, N. Bélanger, M. Mains, B. Fournier, J. Elkin, C.Hale, B.Garson, M.Duke, P.Knechtel and D. Williams. Say word?

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