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Chalk ‘em up

Are you one of those sorts who like to write all sorts of hilariously witty, or mind boggling statements or quotes on your skateboard? Or perhaps even draw amusing little sketches of worn out characters to brighten up your drab, black griptape?

Well, there comes a time, a week after this when you think of an even BETTER thing to write on your deck. Alas, you must now remained tortured by the prospect of riding a deck sporting a shitty old slogan whilst your mind torments you with this great new idea!


Designers Mary Matson and Matt Even have whipped out the solution to your problems. A skateboard with a chalk friendly texture! Now if you ever feel the need to prove your improved theory of relativity to some ignorant dweeb at the skatepark, you can simply whip out a piece of chalk and provide a simple visual presentation right there and then! Stupendous!

If your slogan is getting tiresome, simply rub it off and write a new one! Or if you’re feeling dastardly, just pull a boardslide to let off probably the most hideous sound any human ear could possibly withstand.

I kid, I kid. HQ has ordered three of these already…so we will never be disorganised again.