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Casual TV Incoming!

That’s right. The lovely fellers over at Casual Skateboards, have sweet talked their way into having a television show, entitled ‘Curb Surfers’ which is to be broadcast on Sumo TV (Sky Channel 146) from late April onwards.

The show will be half hour long and will feature happenings from around the UK, competition coverage, interviews and rider profiles as well as spotlights on shops and companies. It is expected to run for 6 weeks (with one episode per week), before a break to discuss the possibilities of following seasons.

The show welcomes input from viewers, so don’t hesitate to submit your two bob on any of the following.

Shop profiles
Rider profiles
Scene edits
Company profiles

This is fantastic news for British skateboarding, and we at Crossfire wish the Casual bunch the best of luck with it.