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Cardone Is A Machine!

Crossfire can give you an eye-witness as to how sick Daniel Cardone is on a skateboard, so it comes as no surprise to hear he won the ‘Machine’ award at the annual Slam Trick Contest in Ravenna, Italy. Other notable skateboarding was performed by Chris Pfanner who pumped and spun a perfect cabellerial over the big fun box for the ‘Killer’ award.

Here are your results:


Giorgio Zattoni – McTwist on the quarterpipe
Andre Genovesi – Switch flip to switch bs 50-50 down the hubba
Chris Pfanner – Caballerial Transfer over the pyramid

Overall Street winner:

Daniel Cardone


Terence Bougdour – Rodeo Varial
Renton Millar – Bs 270 fakie pivot revert
Jess Andersen – Flip Melon to fakie over the Channel

Overall Vert winner:

J├╝rgen Horrwarth

Big Air:

Terence Bougdour – 3 Meters!

Peep the footy here courtesy of :