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Cantelowes Opens!

Easter Friday brought sunshine to North London bang on time for the opening of the reworked Cantelowes Skatepark.

Hundreds of heads turned up for the opening session and were not disappointed with what was on offer.

The day was split into various open comps for skaters and bmx riders but the atmosphere of the first ride was the leader of the day – most who came with helmets got wet in the bowl and the street section got rinsed as well.

Awahd (pictured) managed to steal the best prize of the day with his presence earning him respect from Creme Skateboards spy Rodney Clarke who mentioned that ‘….if he makes that flip, he will get his reward’. The flip went down and Awahd got the good news!

All in all, the surface of this park is excellent and you can tell for the first time in a long time that it was built with skaters influence from start to finish. It leaves the ‘grab the money and run‘ designs of Finsbury Park in it’s wake and should be North London’s flagship concrete spot until the next council decide to listen to skaters themselves.

Look out for a small feature on this here at Crossfire later this week but for now click here for some really cheesy footage on pootube.

Pic by Gorm