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Cantelowes is a bust!

Rumours are hitting Crossfire HQ this morning regarding a security breach at Cantelowes Skate park in Camden last night.

Allegedly a Bowlriders reunion party was held at a nearby pub with 9 local London bandits and after a few jars and some serious talks about the opening day, the skaters headed over to the park, and checked out the newly laid transitions.

Within 5 minutes the cops turned up with dogs in vans and cars whilst a police helicopter circled above the park with a large white beam on the guilty!

Police last night were searching for one of the skaters who split from the pack and er.. ‘legged it’. Officers are looking for a man of Asian origin who observers mentioned looked like a UK version of ‘Koston’ seen manual rolling into the dark towards a powerful japanese get away vehicle. Meanwhile, the The FBI are saying it could have been Animal Chin, whilst The Donz is meant to be sending out a hit man from the South Coast to take care of the matter due to the lack of approval…the search is ongoing.

Lessons of the Week:

Don’t check out the bowl until the opening day (2 weeks time) or risk arrest by the entire Police force.

Additional information:

Rumours of the bowl being “too steep” in the deep end have recently been circulating the local London scene. Sources from last nights debacle have confimed that they are indeed steep but will make you lazy cunts skate better, so stop complaining and start training for it like Rocky 5…