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Cantelowes – Exclusive Update!

So, London has been waiting for a decent skatepark for what seems like an age thesedays and it looks like we are about to get something that will please everyone finally. Check this shot sent in thanks to Jeremy Donaldson.

The bowl has been nothing more than a virtual reality computer model dream until now. (Sure, it’s been a fat hole in the ground for a few weeks but that’s not the point). To see the lines check out in concrete reality is a great relief and totally relied on the skill of the crew .

For those of you that don’t know, Nick from Wheelscape paid for Dave North to come out from New Zealand to lead the concrete pours.

The crew bust their balls on the hard labour of concrete finishing from 7 am to 10pm or even midnight for two weeks including the weekend.

The shaping is spot on. Dave is a stubborn, hardworking perfectionist and it shows in the park. We owe them much gratitude for turning the dream into a reality.

Please note that the bottom of the bowl will be poured this weekend (8th October) and concrete takes 28 days to reach only 70% of it’s final strength.

ie: a bailed board or bike could take a chunk out of it.

Can’t deny that the wait will be hard but DO NOT SKATE THIS BOWL UNTIL THE OFFICIAL OPENING DAY. The Contractor says it’ll be mid-November. There’s also some drainage work being carried out to. But now you can see this beauty in it’s prime, you know we are gonna session this place to the death London!

Watch some footage of people skating the banks here:

For more pics and info visit Cantelowes official website here.