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Bob Burnquist – board slide to grand canyon anyone?

The Leap of Faith has been revisited and then choked to death!

When Bob Burnquist sets his heart to something, you can pretty much bet your swiss bearings he’ll do it. So, when we announced Bob’s ludicrous idea to skip along a 40ft rail and drop a further 1600 ft into Hells Bend of the infamous Grand Canyon, even we doubted the Brazilian. Most stunts at the Canyon end in either failure or death…

Well, ex-Firm rider and new Flip pro, Bob, blew minds when he succeeded in dropping into a 40 ft ramp, to then slide across a 40 ft rail, and finally base-jump off the end into the historic canyon!

If Bob made the slightest misjudgement, or didn’t slide to the end of his rail, skateboarding might have lost another soldier and Bob may have lost his Brazilian bollocks!

The stunt was filmed for Stunt Junkies, a high-octane adrenalin program on the Discovery Channel (expect to see footage soon). I guess they discovered Bob is clinically insane!