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Big Pushers return

Document’s Big Push 2007 is over and everyone is slowly returning to the real world and remembering what pillows and showers are. The Doco site is spreading the hype aready:

“Rumors are circling, Neil Smith’s giant phone photo ollie, someone on Death got some ink on somewhere that it shouldn’t be, Olly Todd being brought home by the boys in blue after a solo mission, Ben Reamers at Saffron Walden, Howard Cooke actually staying on the whole trip and Antiz’s special guest threatening to walk after some rowdy in-van entertainment”

The photos and DVD should be out in issue 72, so make sure you get it or I’ll break yer legs. If you can’t wait that long, Heroin have made a little photo slideshow of the trip. I laughed all the way through until the biro ink tattoo, wait for it…

Blueprint have thrown up a few clips on their site as well. Push your way over to