Alex Olson launches Bianca Chandon Skateboards

bianca_chandon_skateboardsFormer Girl pro Alex Olson has finally revealed his new skateboard company today. It’s called ‘Bianca Chandon‘. Talking to TWS this morning on the launch and the name specifically he says:

The full name. Basically I came up with the whole concept of it because I couldn’t get the rights to any of the names I wanted originally. So then I was kind of digging around through inspirations I liked and try to figure it out. I think I had mentioned to Brian (Anderson) before 3D was thought up that it would be really cool to name a company after a boat. And so many boats are women’s names. So that sort of started the whole concept of choosing a woman’s name. Then from Studio 54 I think I got Bianca from Bianca Jagger. I just always really liked the name Bianca. It sounded kind of elegant and it was a big ‘70s name. A lot of the culture I was pulling from was from the ‘70s so it just made sense.

Let us know what you think.